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On 6/2/2019 Jerry wrote: As usual, the Newport Rib Company continues to provide BBQ comparable or better than any other place I've eaten BBQ in the United States including Colorado and Texas! Highly recommend. Been going there for 30 years.

On 2/5/2019 Danielle wrote: I had to write (besides my 5 star review on yelp) to discribe my experience at the restaurant. I don't often as a single mom get to go out and splurge on nice meals but my daughter was having dental surgery the next day so while she had teeth we were interested in getting into some ribs. They were so tender we decided we didn't need teeth. Lol We were greeted by the sweetest hostess and taken such great care of by our waitress with the bus boy smiling all the while double checking our satisfaction. Everything came to us quickly. Drinks poof, hot food poof, waitress again checking on us just in case. The food was so tasty. Everyone in the place had a smile ear to ear and I imagine was enjoying the service as much as we were. We wanted to tell the manager on the way out how great everything was but he was talking to a table. I planned to call when I got home because it really was that great! We ran into him in the parking lot luckily and got to tell him face to face. It was an even better personal exchange so I'm so glad it was in person. I've worked in lots of restaurants and I feel this kind of service has been lacking in the area. It's clear to me the employees are treated well and that they are encouraged to do the job right and are trained to high standards. It's so easy to make or receive a ad or daunting review that I wanted to send one letting you know how right everything was! I really appreciated a great night, meal, and service. Thank you!

On 1/15/2019 Alondra wrote: I really love how welcoming everyone is at Newport Rib company. Their food is very delicious I would say my favorite would be the pulled pork sliders. I thinks it's really awesome how Rib Company does 20 years of charity to give back to the community. They also have a loyalty program which earns you points to use towards your purchase.

On 8/31/2017 Jessica wrote: Hi, My mom loves your food! I love it too! Thank you Rib Company for what you do!

On 7/29/2016 Tee wrote: This is Tee and I love it here!! The staff are all so friendly and helpful and I love working here. The food is amazing too! I love the BBQ Chopped Southwest Salad with BBQ Ranch and Chicken added! I also really love the Pasta Primavera. Everything is perfected at Newport Rib Company. I really love it!!!

On 2/2/2014 Bridget wrote: The most unbelievable Ribs my kids, husband and I Have ever eaten. We will be back... Definitely the BEST!!!!!!

On 8/9/2013 Faye wrote: You know, I don't usually eat ribs... messy, sticky, sometimes way too sweet or too tangy from other rib places... or sometimes just plain tough and chewy... but I sampled some of your ribs for the first time from my first visit to your restaurant, and YOUR BABY BACK RIBS are AMAZING! Fall off the bone, juicy, tender, sauce is just perfect! My friend ordered the combo and I couldn't stop eating his baby back ribs! I think he wanted to slap my hands! We both looooved your baby backs! And your BBQ chicken was delicious too! Be back soon! YUM! Thank you!

On 12/2/2012 Katy Kirkpatrick wrote: I'm gluten intolerant and this restaurant is a godsend! I had the baby back ribs and they were delicious! I can't tell you how wonderful it is to dine out at a restaurant and eat without worry. Thank you! The food, atmosphere and service was great. We'll be back soon!

On 11/8/2012 Christy Alvarez wrote: To all those who suffer from Celiac Disease, this is your place for an amazing and safe dinner! My twin daughters have Celiac and it's always a challenge to find really good food for them. My daughter Kelsey had the best dinner in over 4 years. She absolutely loved the corn bread, fries, rice pilaf and ribs! Erin, our server, was the best. Not only was she familiar with the gluten free menu, but was so sympathetic to my daughter's needs. Her final suggestion was the greatest - Marble Bundt Cake with ice cream on the side... my daughter was in heaven. My daughter finally found her place to celebrate her birthday, special occasion and just any other excuse to come out and eat at Naples Rib Company. Thank you for making her year!

On 9/30/2012 Patrick Bobb wrote: When we came to town we found this location for dinner, what an amazing place! I would love to have this place in Texas where we are known for BBQ, but this was the best ribs I have ever had -- the staff excellent, food excellent, location excellent. Every order was correct, fast and hot. What a place, we had a great time. If I could get them sent here I would.

On 12/19/2011 Clark Erline wrote: Best ribs I have ever had. I am sitting up here in Montana, looking at the website and ordering a gift certificate for my brother, with my mouth watering. Wish I was back in Costa Mesa eating ribs!

On 10/1/2011 Michael Oropeza wrote: Absolutely the Best Place for Ribs, But Our Favorite Place for PRIME RIB!!!

On 7/26/2011 Jackie Brion wrote: Great staff, wonderful food made for a special birthday party for my husband. Would highly recommend to anyone.

On 6/24/2011 Dorothy Webb wrote: Because we appreciate all that you have done for UCLA, four of us drove down from the Westside for dinner in Naples. We will certainly go back, because your food is so good. We also look forward to seeing you at UCLA again in the near future. Go Bruins!

On 5/12/2011 Linda - So Cal Cadillac & LaSalle Club wrote: Thanks to Dave, Jen, Carrie, and all of those behind the scenes for providing the best possible food and service for our Club Anniversary. You guys are a great example of the good old days when the customer really was important and top-notch service was the norm. Love you and the great food!

On 10/25/2010 Troy Thomas wrote: Thanks for taking care of the men of Servite. Great food, service and officiating. Thanks, again.

On 10/25/2010 Tracy Harrelson wrote: Good food, GREAT SERVERS with my personal favorites being Kirsten and Stephanie. These girls always make you feel like part of the family. They always keep a smile, good sense of humor and great timing with the foods. We always feel like royalty when these girls serve us are meals. Thanks Girls and Rib Co for the great food.

On 10/20/2010 Anonymous wrote: Best bbq around!! Love it!

On 10/20/2010 Lance Kasper wrote: I have been coming to the Rib Company for over 15 years now. When it comes to great BBQ the Rib Company can't be beat!!!

On 10/19/2010 Kyndra Marolt wrote: Newport Rib Company is happy to accommodate you with quality service and delicious food. Start off with one of my favorites; grilled artichoke, fried zucchini, or the onion brick!

On 10/19/2010 Michelle Williams wrote: Newport Rib Company has the BEST BBQ sauce ever!!! They even sell it by the bottle so you can enjoy it at home.

On 10/19/2010 Stacie Watson wrote: Newport Rib Co is great!! Great menu with so many options and you can never go wrong!! The people are great, always looking for another way to make your experience the best it can possibly be!

On 10/19/2010 Stephanie Harrelson wrote: I've been coming into the Rib Company for over 5 years now because it's the best! LOOOOOVE the tri-tip salad!

On 10/14/2010 Tim wrote: I have been coming to Newport Rib for 7 years now and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon!!!

On 10/13/2010 Callie wrote: I have worked for the Newport rib company for 4 years now and I can honestly say its like my second family. Everyone is no nice and inviting. All of my friends rant and rave about how lucky I am to work here, just to be around the food. Trust me if you are looking for AMAZING BBQ look no further. Our menu offers such a great variety from GF/CF and vegetarian dishes to weekend specials, you cant go wrong. Stop by for monday night football and enjoy some awsome specials in the bar. In a hurry? Order take out, our to-go girls are very helpful and friendly. Come on in and try it :)

On 10/13/2010 Jason Dufresne wrote: Rib Company is the best choice for ribs in So. CA. Tri-tip too!

On 10/13/2010 Kristen Urban wrote: Newport Rib Company has great food and service.

On 10/13/2010 Trevor wrote: Newport Rib Company has always been the place for good times and great food with the friends. We usually meet up and start the night off right with some ribs, tritip, sausage and of course the garlic mashed potatoes. Throw a couple beers on that and you've got one happy crew. Thanks for always providing such excellent service and a friendly environment, can't wait to see everyone there real soon. Ps the new website looks great!

On 10/10/2010 Jimmy Casillas wrote: I love Rib Company!

On 10/9/2010 Dana and Scott Kahawai wrote: Newport Rib Company has been there for our family for so many wonderful dinners and events throughout the years. My sister had her Rehearsal Dinner in the cosy, private back room, where we were able to partake in a delicious BBQ buffet and watch her slide show video on their convenient TV/Stereo setup.

We've also attended several team dinners and booster events for the local high schools, both at the restaurant and catered on-site at a variety of locations. Newport Rib Company does so much to support education, charities, and young talent everywhere in Orange County. We are both teachers in the area, and our students get so excited about celebrating their team events with a huge plate of fall-off-the-bone BBQ ribs, baked beans, and the crazy-good garlic mashed potatoes.

Beyond the catered events, the "RibCo" is just a really nice place for a relaxing dinner. With more and more hokey 'chain' restaurants taking over, the Rib Company remains a reliable neighborhood gem where you go to get personalized service and great comfort food.

On 10/8/2010 Virginia and Kurt wrote: Attention: To those of you looking for the best Barbeque Restaurant........Don't waste your time and money searching for the best place to go. Newport Rib Company is THE place to go!

My husband and I have been coming here for 26 years now and have never been disappointed in the food or service.

We have used their fantastic catering services and have hosted parties in their large Banquet Room (no charge for the room) for company parties, wedding rehearsal dinners, birthday parties, etc. and have done both their "sit down" menu and the buffet. Both are fantastic.

They also offer a Gluten/Casein Free Menu which as you well know, is hard to find when dining out.

Thank you Newport Rib Co. for all your great food and services!

On 8/28/2010 Linda Hallock wrote: Had dinner there last night. And as always it was awesome food. And the service was great. We had a good time. Thanks

On 6/21/2010 Jim Guthrie wrote: Had "Fathers Day" dinner with you yesterday and it was fabulous, as usual. Thank you for the consistently delicious food and exceptional service.

On 6/11/2010 Chris Fiore wrote: I've been eating at Naples for over 11 years!

On 4/19/2009 Maddie wrote: I didn't know that ribs could be that wonderful! Great job!

On 3/30/2009 Mama Jean wrote: Came from Columbus, Ohio just for the ribs! Keep up the good work and Go Eaters!!!

On 12/4/2008 Jill Tangredi wrote: THANK YOU! From all of the kids, facility and parents of Minnie Gant Elementary school! You tremendous generosity has touched us all! Happy Holidays to the entire Naples Rib Joint family!

On 10/29/2008 Steve Atefi wrote: My family just experienced the best ribs available west of the Mississippi. We are pleased with the level of service and the great food offered at Newport Rib Co (Ladera Ranch). Can't believe we waited this long to try the great food available on your menu. Specially the baby back ribs and garlic mashed potatoes. Thanks for making our occasional Wednesday nights "grubolicious" from this point forward. Sincerely, Atefi family

On 2/13/2008 Brad wrote: I've been a customer ever since I was old enough to eat solid food. The food continues to be great and the service is always a reason to come back. Your RIBS and Tri Tip are to die for (most especially the tri tip). I think the food was the reason I wanted a job here. It's been almost 6 year and I stay not only because of the food, but also because of the people I work for and with. This place is an institution when it comes to BBQ. Ribs YUM!

On 1/14/2008 Gregg Menzie wrote: Gregg Menzie from the Fab writes: All's I can say is WOW !!! I finally got a chance to cruise down to NRC in Long Beach, it was well worth the drive. We received fantastic service and a delicious (monster size) prime rib dinner. THANX-DAVE - I'll be back-Big-G - Bring on March Madness!!!

On 11/20/2007 Cindy and Gary Street wrote: I too have experienced NPR's fine food for over 15 years. They are a "no brainer" when it comes to fine food, excellant service and a great staff. Brian was wonderful at our last party. He did an excellent set-up and was very professional. Thank you for making my retirement party a hugh success!

On 10/23/2007 Stella Hacker wrote: I ordered Newport Rib Company food for most of my career at the City of Irvine and that means at least 20 years, because I just retired after 23 years there.I used NRC for work related events and excursions. Your food travelled with us to Charger Games, Angel and Dodger games where we were always the MOST popular tailgate party, Hollywood Bowl concerts and family camping excursions (over 100 participants each)to Death Valley, San Simeon,Pt Mugu, Anza Borrego and Morro Bay(cold packs we BBQ'd, everyone thought I was a fabulous cook). We've used your food for banquets, employee recognition luncheons, holiday parties and much more.In addition, I've ordered NRC food for home parties, picnics, funerals (cheered everyone up when they realized the luncheon was BBQ!) and sometimes just a meal for my husband and me when I was too busy to cook. I can wholeheartedly report that every meal was great! When special or last minute needs arose, the whole crew(Naples, CM, Ladera) was especially accomodating, sometimes going as far as preparing food the night before for early morning pick-up.Everytime I was assigned "food" for work related events, I received numerous calls from staff requesting Newport Rib. I'm a bit sad that I won't be regularly hauling your gigantic hot boxes around in my car anymore, but I'm very fortunate to have worked with your establishment. Outstanding customer service, consistently delicious food, huge portions and great prices make Newport Rib THE place to eat, order from or recommend to others. Thank you!! Stella Hacker, Retired City of Irvine Community Services Supervisor

On 8/16/2007 Susan wrote: Dear Folks at Naples Rib Co, I would like to thank you for making the worlds best ribs -- you are so loved by me. Recently I was diagnosed with two different types of beast cancers. My life changed quite drastically for a very long period of time. For me it felt like forever. Your ribs were what I knew I would eat -- once I was well again. After four surgeries, a ton of chemo & radiation, my treatment finally has been completed. I was so sick for so long. I would dream about being well enough to sit down to a delicious meal of all of the Naples best!!! My husband would say, when your ready we will order one of everything your heart desires. Last night my husband suprised me & brought me a feast from you. It was every bit as delicious as I had had so long ago. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication to the Art of Ribs. My treatment lasted for two and a half years. Currently I am in remission and busy taking it all in. I have missed the very special treats I used to take for granted. For me your ribs were my final reward! See you soon :) Thank you. Keep up the outstanding quality for all of us. Kindest regards, Susan -- P.S. Everyone goes out of their way to register complaints -- I thought I would take time to send a thanks!!!

On 4/29/2007 Steve Hepburn wrote: I've travelled the globe looking for the best rib company in the world. I can honestly say that your restaurant in Long Beach "IS THE BEST RIB COMPANY ON THE PLANET" Keep up the good work, and if you're interested in starting up a franchise in New Zealand, let me know!!!!

On 4/25/2007 Twin Parents of LB wrote: We are parents of newborn twins. I can strongly suggest that Naples Ribs are the most convenient thing to eat when holding a baby. When you need to have one hand free at all times, ribs are the easiest and tastiest thing to eat. We have Naples Ribs once a week.

On 11/9/2006 Ronda Campbell wrote: I didn't know Californians or Caucasians could cook this good. Keep up the good work. You should think of expanding with another location downtown Long Beach. Lucille's has nothing on Naples Ribs they are the DELICIOUS!

On 11/2/2006 Dan Nudel of Ladera Ranch wrote: You guys are awesome!!!! Last month Newport Rib in Ladera Ranch prepared the food for my engagement party and you totally exceeded my expectations. The food was so good that we had at least 15 guests ask us where we got it from. Cami who delivered the food had it to us exactly an noon when we requested it arrive and she brought all the supplies as promised. Although I think we ordered too much food for our 60 guests, I'm quite happy about that because I've been eating the leftovers for a few weeks now. Thanks again for the wonderful food and keep up the great work. I would recommend you guys in a heartbeat!

On 8/9/2006 srs wrote: We live directly across the street from Naples Rib Company. In six years of living here, not a day goes by that we don't smell the air and say, "Mmmmm, ribs!" We have enjoyed being the center of family gatherings all due to our auspicious location, and have savored more ribs that we care to count. Thank you Naples Rib Company for being the best neighbor ever!!!

On 7/25/2006 Chris Conlin wrote: The Newport Rib Company has supported University High School for the last twenty years. They have put on outstanding banquets for our PTA, Football, Baseball and our end of the year coaches appreciation dinner. Their staff is very flexible and really outgoing. They not only have outstanding food, they also have excellent service. Newport Rib Company is #1.

On 5/26/2006 Harry Morris wrote: Have always been a Tony Romas rib fan and decided to take my wife to lunch last weekend ,we were dying for some yummy ribs and stopped at Naples Rib Co.(my mouth is starting to water as I write this!)We had never been there,so decided to give it a try.. Tony Romas NO more... The babybacks were absolutely mouthwatering,fall off the bone delicious.The best sauce too!! Our waiter was great he even let us try a taste of their famous tri-tip. We look forward to going again ASAP!! We also want to take the kids to the Sunday night magic show. The kids will love the ribs as well... yum-yum

On 5/10/2006 Kim in Chicago wrote: I have not made it to CA yet to try the food but I had an opportunity to meet Mr. Ursini and his family when they came to Chicago last summer. They ate at an outdoor restaurant I worked at... I was their server. WONDERFUL PEOPLE. The food has got to be the best because they are good people... I can't wait to get there and try the food. Hello Ursini Family. I hope you remember me.

On 5/7/2006 BB wrote: Long Beach State uses Naples to cater some of their events. The food is outstanding.

On 3/27/2006 Retiring Soccer Mom wrote: We always buy Newport Rib Company's food for our soccer parties...Everyone is always happy :)

On 3/15/2006 Brewin Fan wrote: I had the Newport Rib Company cater my son's birthday, and I was very pleased they were able to make it all the way to Raleigh, NC. It was a great time! Many thanks to the curly haired guy... I think his name was Johnnie U or something.

On 2/8/2006 rib man wrote: At Newport Rib everyone has a great rack, and we all get sauced!!! My kinda place.

On 11/11/2005 Fuji wrote: I sometime visit Orange County area on business from Japan. Baby back rib of Newport Rib Company is the best and excellent!!!


On 10/25/2005 Kristina wrote: I had the ladera ranch location cater my daughter's b-day and they were just wonderful!! I would definitly hire them again for the food and service and recommend them to all my friends and family. Thank you for making the party such a success and easy on the hosts!

On 9/15/2005 Johnna wrote: I just ate at the brand new location in Ladera Ranch, and the food was great! Thanks for enriching the community!

On 8/14/2005 The BBQ Report wrote: Delicious ribs! We'll have to do a write up on The BBQ Report, http://www.bbqreport.com soon!

On 7/7/2005 B-rad wrote: MMMMM!!! Ribs they're gr8. I love the st. Louis ribs. their my favorite yum yumers.

On 6/12/2005 Tom wrote: The Babybacks will satisfy your every need for flavor, tenderness and generous portions. A legend on a plate.

On 4/15/2005 Bob wrote: Excellent site, Good Work!

On 4/11/2005 Francisco Horchata wrote: 04-11-05 I really love your ribs. ANd hope to see all of my friends and family today. We are celebrating Sally's basketball Banquet at six today.

On 4/11/2005 Kyleen wrote: We celebrated a 50th Wedding Anniversary at the Naples Rib Co. The food was awesome as was the service. Thanks to Dave, Chris and the staff.

On 2/7/2005 Tina wrote: Newport Rib Company has fantastic food and service every time I'm there!

On 2/1/2005 Maddie wrote: I love your Ribs!

On 12/22/2004 Elizabeth wrote: I love the ribs and corn bread! My friends and I always eat here when we get back from being away at college!

On 12/20/2004 Bob wrote: Just got done eating some of the best BBQ I've had in a long time. I'm from Kansas City and have had some of the best BBQ around. Your BBQ ranks up there with some of the best from my home town. I got the sampler, brought it back to my motel room, watched a good football game (Monday Night 12-20-2004), and proceeded to eat the best. I didn't want to stay and take my time because you were getting ready to treat your employees to their Christmas Party. I hope you had as good a time at your party as I did with the food you gave me. Keep up the good work. Bob Workman

On 10/15/2004 Mike wrote: Rib baby rib, love it

On 8/6/2004 Gia wrote: Love the commercials and looking forward to your Ladera Ranch opening!

On 6/26/2004 Cassity wrote: Cassity loves the Rib Co! Yay for ribs!

On 3/25/2004 CONTIKI CARTIER wrote: If what everyone says is true about 'The Naples Rib Company' then, I am, without a dout, going to enjoy the Best Damn Ribs ever, even better than mine. YUM YUM

On 2/8/2004 Michael L Goode wrote: On behalf of Momma, Baby and Daddy... BEST DANG ribs around! Period. End it now, and just call'm, man.

On 11/29/2003 millahhh wrote: amazing...

On 11/5/2003 amanda ansnes wrote: Hello to heaven!!!

On 10/29/2003 Emelia wrote: Yay ribs!!

On 10/29/2003 Amber wrote: Newport Rib is so juicy...I love to get sauced with Fran and the crew!

On 10/19/2003 Jeannine Titcomb wrote: Visited tonight for the 20 nights of charity. Food was delicious, business was booming! Thanks for helping Resurrection Preschool and all of the other charities represented. Keep up the good work.

On 10/15/2003 Chuck Gerst / Alvarado Elemt. Sch. wrote: For several years now I have been ordering your Hog Packs for the Staff at Alvarado Elemt. Sch. in Signal Hill. I give them several choices to select a restaurant and they always want the NAPLES RIBS, aka THE HINDQUARTER, We feed 28 to 30 and there is some thing thing to please them all. Even the non-meat eaters. Keep up the GREAT JOB.

On 9/26/2003 Toshia wrote: Newport Ribs are out of this planet past the sun and around the corner! Yah!

On 9/26/2003 Amy wrote: ribs rule

On 5/6/2003 Iceman wrote: Your Ribs are top dog.. I 'm the type of person that likes to dine out I have tried it all. I have been around our globe several times now.. I have tasted all types of foods you name I ate it.. I know great food when I taste it I will tell you this that your darn Ribs are the best I have ever tasted. I'm sure that you sell other dishes and they are also delicious I wouldn't know that because when I hit your restaurant all I eat is ribs. these darn ribs of yours are making you famous.. and you know what, you have no competition. The Iceman has spoken Los Angeles CA http://www.laavenue.com

On 10/7/2002 Bobby / API wrote: I have traveled the the seas and skies, I have been around the world twice and I have never tasted more delicious baby back ribs and corn bread. I highly recommend the rib company! http://www.laavenue.com

On 9/11/2002 Steve Botkin / Inn Flight Hotels wrote: I have flown to both sides of our great country and in-between, never have I found such great baby-back ribs as yours.

On 9/7/2002 Danny wrote: Excellent prime rib.

On 8/29/2002 Christine w. wrote: I LOVE RIBS. newport rib company is the best place ever and all the to-go girls are hot!

On 8/28/2002 Schroeter wrote: yay ribs

On 6/20/2002 Chi Stevenson / Media Power wrote: I moved to the area a couple years back and stumbled upon your place. Whenever I have a big group of people I always order the Hog Pack! It is VERY generous in amount of food and a little something for everybody... Your staff are friendly and helpful even though I still have not eaten in house! Thanks for the great food! Chi

On 6/8/2002 Amber wrote: I love ribs!

On 4/22/2002 Chris wrote: Here's to all the good times shared at the NRC and to many more to come. Thanks Dave & John for the opportunity to work at the best rib joint on earth. Fiore

On 4/4/2002 Cindy Harris / LocalLawnare.com wrote: Your web site makes my mouth water! Newport-Naples Rib Company looks delicious!

On 4/3/2002 Miller wrote: to-go girls are cool!

On 3/20/2002 Lindsey wrote: Your food is the BEST! I went to the Newport location and had the grilled artichoke and cobb salad. YUM! (the onion straws are great too!!!!!!!! keep it up guys!!!!!!

On 2/24/2002 Celia G. wrote: We're so glad the Company is online! We love the food, the Chefs are GREAT people and we hope to enjoy the fantastic dining here for many more years to come... Enjoying Takeout Specials since 1999!

On 1/30/2002 Michele Mehler wrote: Hi Ursini Family!! I love the website.........looks great! John, I went "surfing" finally :) See you at work. Michele

On 1/26/2002 Mandana wrote: hey guys... i was just checkin the site to see what's new...it's looking pretty good, and it's super informative, we should definately suggest it to customers to look at...thanks to everyone and lets keep kickin butt!

On 1/20/2002 Sarah Kovach wrote: Naples is a great place to work and an even better place to eat! Thanks to Dave, John, the cooks and all the NRC employees for creating fun place to come and work.


On 12/3/2001 Rick wrote: Lots of thanx to the staff and whoever makes that awesome tasting barbecue!!! Being on vacation here from Hawaii, it's good to know that you can always find spectacular places to eat, such as Naples Rib Co. in southern Cal.

On 11/30/2001 Wendy wrote: Hey! I'm 13 and I have been eating food from Naples Rib Company for as long as I can remember. I just want to thank all the cooks & employees that make those wonderful & delicious meals they make. Dave my stepdad Jaime,works there, and I have to say you have been doing a excellent job. Your a great boss!! And you have a great resturant. Keep up those ribs. And those babies that are in your home, great idea. They're cute angels. Keep up the Good work!!!

On 11/10/2001 Jennifer Cassity wrote: Hey guys! I was just checkin the web site to see if anything has changed around the rib co. How are things? I will be seein you all when i come back to work for Christmas. Miss ya guys and the ribs! Say hello to all for me from San Francisco! - jen

On 10/22/2001 Lee / Hardin Supply wrote: I've eaten in every restaurant from San Diego to Santa Barbara, and I gotta tell ya, you guys have got the best baby backs out there!!! GREAT FOOD!!! GREAT SERVICE!!! GREAT VALUE!!! You Have no competition! Thanx Again, Lee

On 9/27/2001 Roy wrote: I've had many great Rib meals in my 50+ years. The Naples Rib Company Rib dinner the best I've ever had. And that is saying something!

On 7/3/2001 mike wrote: Halllo from Bali, I am having a great time with lots of good waves and fun people. The only reason I would like to come home from paradise aka Indonesia is for the delicious babyback ribs and to maybe see Francis. Other than that I am in my own little heaven and I don't want to come home. Sincerely Michael Murphy

On 6/6/2001 S. Twain / Water, Ice, Etc. Store wrote: I am full!

On 6/4/2001 Princess Mandana wrote: Mike Murphy... I must say I do agree with you.. not only is the food at the Rib Company the best...but it's the best place to work too! Rock on NRC employees!!

On 5/18/2001 Suzy wrote: In November 2000, I gave a great party thanks to the Rib Company. Your Hog pack had the people want me to give more parties. I like coming to your restaurant just for myself.

On 5/17/2001 Lauren wrote: I agree with Mike, for some reason you can't get sick of the food at Newport Rib Co. (or the people!) :) Hope to see you soon!

On 3/25/2001 Mike wrote: Wow!, Not only is newport rib a great place to wine and dine. It's also a great place to work!!!!

On 2/14/2001 Bob wrote: Love the pig pack. The salesteam at Elmore Toyota love them too!!!!! Keep up the good work and THANKS!!!!!!

On 11/6/2000 Laura wrote: I think it is great that you guys have such a cool website in addition to the excellent food you serve. I ate there last week and the ribs were great. Thanks!

On 9/29/2000 Deryl wrote: Fran, Everything was great today at Container Supply. Everyone was impressed by the lunch that was provided for them. The "Hog Packs" were terrific. For the price it is a great way to feed a group of people. Thank you for all of your help.

On 7/31/2000 Carol wrote: Hi John. It was fun talking with you. Thank you for the spirits and conversation on Sunday night. I will stop by again for some of your yummy buffalo wings. I am still thinking about the stadium club. Could I just buy a shirt instead? Hope you have a great week. Go Angels!!!

On 4/20/2000 Karen wrote: Great website fellas. Keep up the good work. Loved your little "bunnies" in the paper this morning.

On 3/24/2000 Grant, Nanci and Jason Burris wrote: Thanks for the appetizer on Friday night, John. It was nice to see you again. Food was terrific as usual. The new location on Harbor is really "cooking". This web site is attractive. Hope it is productive for you.

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