Gluten Free Catering Menu

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We Now Proudly Offer Gluten Free Catering!
The owners and staff of our restaurants are sensitive to individuals with dietary restrictions and have developed delicious menu choices for you.

Basic Menu: This menu includes: Baby Back Ribs (4-5 bones per person), Barbecued Chicken (1/4 per person), Gluten-free Corn Bread & Honey Butter, extra Barbecue Sauce and a choice of two of the following side dishes: Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Coleslaw, Barbecued Beans, Potato Salad, Southwest Salad (w/o tortilla strips), or Roasted Vegetables. Our menu also includes Plates, Napkins, Forks, Knives, Mini Washcloths, Custom Bibs, tablecloths, serving utensils, and to-go containers for leftovers.

# GuestsPick UpDelivery Fee*Catered Catered with Grill**
200-499$12.99/perno charge$16.50/per$18.50/per
500+$12.49/perno charge$15.50/per$17.99/per
*within 10 miles.  **With boneless breast chicken.

Add 2 Extra Ribs to Each Rack – Make it a 6-7 bone rack! $2.99/person
Add 4 Extra Ribs to Each Rack – Make it an 8-9 bone rack! $5.25/person

ADDITIONAL SIDES: Add Any 1 for $1.99/person; Add Any 2 for $3.25/person.

SPECIALTY SALADS: Cobb Salad, Kale/Quinoa Salad, Spinach Salad (no croutons), Fruit Salad. Add Any 1 for $2.99/person; Add Any 2 for $4.25/person; Add Any 3 for $5.50/person.

ADD MEAT: Louisiana Hot Sausages $2.49/person; Slice Beef Brisket: $3.99/person; Pulled Pork: $2.99/person.

ADD MEAT WITH GRILL: Shrimp: $3.99/person; NY Steak: $4.99/person; Hot Dogs: $2.50/person; Hamburgers: $4.00/person; Hot Dogs and Hamburgers: $4.50/person.

ADD DRINKS: Choice of Ice Tea, Coffee, Lemonade, Punch.
Add 1: $1.75/person;  Add 2: $2.99/person;  Add 3: $3.75/person;  Add 4: $4.25/person.
Soft Drink Cans: $1.25/person (1 can/person);  $2.25/person (2 cans/person)
Soft Drinks (2 Liter Bottles): $1.99/person.

CATERED PRICES INCLUDE: Delivery of all items; set up of buffet with chafing dishes, silverware, and plates; clearing of all Rib Company items; and clean up of kitchen facilities (if applicable). Typical time limit is 2 to 2½ hours. If you need our staff to stay longer than 2½ hours, there will be a $40/hour charge for each server, and a $45/hour charge for each bartender.

Stainless Steel Chafing Dish Rental (must be returned):
$15 per dish and includes one 2-hour sterno

Disposable Wire Chafing Dish Purchase (yours to keep after event):
$10 per dish and includes water pan and one 2-hour sterno

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Kids under 10 years of age are 1/2 price!

**All Events held at Long Beach State University (CSULB) are subject to a 13% surcharge on all billed items due to commissions paid by Rib Co. to 49er Shops.**

Prices subject to change without notice.