Wilmington Catering Services

Wilmington, California is a district of Los Angeles that is surrounded by the Los Angeles Port, Harbor City and San Pedro. Economically, its greatest source of employment is industry. Wilmington also has some very unique traits. It has the only Civil War landmark in the state of California and the first Weinerschnitzel was in Wilmington.

Wilmington is also a very popular location for movies. The gritty and industrial feel has made it a popular location for such major motion pictures as "Fight Club", "Gone in 60 Seconds", "Crash" and "Hancock".

If you live or work in the Wilmington area and are in need of catering services, instead of the traditional rubber chicken fare, why not try some our delicious barbecue. Naples Rib Company, located in Long Beach has been serving the Wilmington catering needs for years and can help make your next event a big success.

Whether you are hosting a corporate or business event for thousands, or a birthday party for 20 people, we have a variety of catering options to fit your budget and nobody will go hungry.

In addition to our delicious barbecue including steaks, ribs, chicken and trip-tip, we also have all of the sides from beans, potato salad, salad and a host of other options. We can even cater the dessert.

Here are just a few of our Wilmington catering clients:

Wilmington Senior Center
Tesoro Refinery
Cal Sulphur

To find out more information or to schedule our catering services, give us a call at 562-437-7427. The last thing you need to worry about is what to serve at your next event. When you choose Naples Rib Company for your Wilmington catering services, we take the worry away and everyone walks away happy.

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