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The Bob Hope USO at LAX is reaching out to the community for help to FEED THE TROOPS.
Newport and Naples Rib Company have partnered with the Bob Hope USO to cater dinners, provide meals and snacks and more for hundreds of service members.
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Rib Company Appetizer Service

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Appetizer Service prices vary depending on whether Newport/Naples Rib Company is also catering the main food (dinner, etc.) of the event. Appetizer-only events are priced slightly higher and include more food and a separate service charge. Please call for details:

Newport Rib Company — (949) 631-2110
Naples Rib Company — (562) 439-RIBS

  • NEW! Brisket-tini: BBQ Beans, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Onion Straws, Chopped Beef Brisket and a Drizzle of our BBQ Sauce served in a Plastic Martini Glass: $2.99 per person (minimum 50 guests & must have our Catered Service with staff on-site)
  • Louisiana Hot Sausage Bites with our Signature BBQ Sauce (2.5 per person; $1.59)
  • Baby Back Rib Tips with our Signature BBQ Sauce (2.5 per person; $3.69)
  • Sliders (Pulled Pork, Chopped Beef Brisket or Pulled Chicken) on Hawaiian Rolls (1.5 per person; $2.69)
  • Stuffed Mushrooms with Italian Sausage (minimum 40 guests; 1.5 per person; $2.29)
  • Stuffed Mushrooms with Italian seasonings and pesto sauce (minimum 40 guests; 1.5 per person; $2.29
  • Stuffed Jalapeño Cheese Poppers (1.5 per person; $1.59)
  • Buffalo Wings (Spicy on request) with Ranch Dressing (1.5 per person; $1.79)
  • Boneless Chicken Skewers with choice of Sauce (Luau, Sesame, Ranch Chipotle, Barbecue, Sweet-n-Sour) (1 per person; $1.69)
  • Mini Meatballs with Sweet-n-Sour Sauce (2 per person; $1.59)
  • Sausage in Blanket (1.5 per person; $1.69)
  • Vegetable Eggrolls with Sweet-n-Sour Sauce (1.5 per person; $1.79)
  • Grilled Artichokes with Hollandaise (recommended when on-site grill is ordered; 1/4 per person; $2.29)
  • Assorted Mini Quiches (1.5 per person; $1.79)

  • Fresh Fruit Kabobs (1 per person; $1.79)
  • Deviled Eggs (minimum 30 guests; 1 per person; $1.99)
  • Bruschetta (1.5 pieces per person; $1.29)
  • Mini Sandwiches served on French Baguette - choice of Meat and/or Grilled Vegetables (minimum 40 guests; 1.5" per person; $1.99)
  • Spinach Artichoke with Baguette or Tri-colored Chips (2 oz per person; $2.19)
  • Mozzarella Caprese Swords with Sweet Balsamic Reduction Sauce (minimum 30 guests; 1.5 per person; $1.99)
  • Stuffed Mushrooms with Crabmeat (minimum 30 guests; 1.5 per person; $3.99)
  • Shrimp Cocktail (2 per person; $3.99)

(Minimum 25 guests)
  • Fresh Fruit Tray ($1.39 per person)
  • Fresh Vegetable Tray with Ranch Dressing ($1.29 per person)
  • Assorted Cheese and Cracker Tray ($1.59 per person)
  • Fresh Tri-Colored Chips and choice of Homemade Salsa or Mango Salsa or Guacamole ($1.29 per person)
  • Assorted Breads and Crackers with Brie ($1.89 per person)
  • Assorted Cheeses and Meat Tray ($2.49 per person)
These Appetizers represent only a limited extent of what we can do. Our skilled chefs are capable of developing whatever ideas you may have.

Included in all Rib Company Appetizer Service: Plates, forks, knives (if needed), napkins, mini-washcloths, table coverings (numerous colors available)

Delivery of Appetizer Service (includes initial set up of food items): $75

Stainless Steel Chafing Dish Rental (must be returned): $15 per dish and includes one 2-hour sterno

Disposable Wire Chafing Dish Purchase (yours to keep after event): $10 per dish and includes water pan and one 2-hour sterno

Catered Appetizer Service: Includes the items above (delivery, set up, chafing dishes with sternos, linen tablecloths), plus one Rib Company staff member for 1 1/2 hours of Appetizer Service.
    Parties of less than 125 guests include one Rib Company server for 1 1/2 hours of service for $175.
    Parties of 125 or more, include two Rib Company servers for $250.
    Additional staff available for $49 per hour.
Bartender Service: $59 per hour; 3 hour minimum

Prices subject to change without notice.
Naples Rib Company
(562) 439-7427

Newport Rib Company
(949) 631-2110